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Senior Cyber Threat Analyst – NYC

Senior Cyber Threat Analyst – NYC

Position is on-site, contract is one (1) year or more with additional opportunities available upon completion.

Job Description:

The senior analyst will conduct cyber investigations, and provide direct operational and intelligence support to network defenders.

●            Support incident response efforts with tactically relevant guidance for triaging and forensic analysis as well as analyze and trend previous incident case data

●            Provide relevant, timely, and accurate threat intelligence support to network defenders at NYC3

●            Scope, direct, and assist intelligence-lead hunt missions in coordination with appropriate groups

●            Lead the collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination of raw and finished intelligence to City of New York stakeholders

●            Manage operations and improvement of the finished intelligence platform

●            Develop and capture strategic intelligence requirements for stakeholders across the City of New York

●            Conduct quality assurance for strategic analysis and reporting

●            Create and document detailed standard operating procedures and playbooks

●            Develop and maintain relationships with various external communities including SLTT, vendors, ISACS, etc.

●            Actively research and track geo-political trends, threat actors, malware, and campaigns

●            Conduct structured analytic technique exercises


●            Minimum 8 years of experience in Threat Management/Cyber Threat Intelligence/Incident Response environment

●            Strong understanding of cybersecurity and risk management concepts

●            Proficient with all-source intelligence collection and processing – OSINT, Intel Feeds, Tools, Vendor, Partner, Deep Web, etc.